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            Material Bundling & Site Packing



            Combine all of our value-added and single-source propositions to encompass the final step of material handling and fulfillment by allowing WANHO to bundle all of your site related materials into organized, space-saving site packs.

            Years of experience and unique skill sets were developed and retained, carried over from our history as a national construction and installation service provider. As a result, WANHO can seamlessly link each step in its value-added services portfolio, including material sourcing, manufacturing, assembly, 3rd-party supplier management and regional fulfillment, to provide a single-point solution for site deployment.

            All materials required for full-site integration can be consolidated into secure, space saving, easily staged and delivered site packs.?? Create a material list specific to your site specifications and let us do the rest via our regional fulfillment centers.? A typical site-pack material list can include items such as:


            antennas ?-- ?antenna mounts ?-- ?feeder cables ?-- ?cable accessories

            connectors ?-- ?jumpers ?-- ?waveguide bridge ?-- ?cable ladders

            cable tray ?-- ?platforms ?-- ?grounding systems ?-- ?tower lighting

            site related components & hardware


            With WANHO as your single-point sourcing and fulfillment partner, the entire process can be implemented to significantly reduce the overall operating cost of your business with value extended to the end-user.? A common theme that resonates with WANHO; value-added services translate into significant cost savings and an overall simplification of your internal sourcing and fulfillment processes.

            Contact WANHO to discover how a fully integrated platform of value-added services can compliment your overall business model.